Stockings, tights & suspenders

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Stockings, tights & suspenders

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Support Tights

For lovely legs – stay-up tights by Triumph

Get excited about the huge range of stay-up tights and other premium tights at the official Triumph Online Shop. Present perfect legs in stockings and tights by Triumph. Their silky sheen makes your legs look elegant and the tights provide you with a stunning silhouette under your dress or skirt thanks to their comfortable waistband and integrated, supporting gusset. As a result, these support tights are not only comfortable to wear but also ensure an elegant grand entrance. Depending on the weather and your outfit, you can find the perfect sheer or opaque tights at Triumph. If you, however, prefer stay-up tights, then discover the range of hold-up tights by Triumph to give your outfit that finishing touch. The sheer stay-up tights are a true gem in our range of tights – they are the stay-up tights you have always wanted. These Triumph tights are second to none: they look great thanks to the shiny, sheer material, do not slip down and are comfortable to wear thanks to the stay-up band. Stay-up tights and suspenders are both sexy and discreet and offer an attractive alternative to traditional tights. Find the perfect Triumph tights, stay-up tights and suspenders to suit your style today! Complement your lingerie with premium quality tights by Triumph and choose stay-up tights to give your outfit that something special. It does not matter what you are looking for – whether it is stay-up tights or supports tights – you are guaranteed to find your new favourite pantyhose at the official Triumph Online Shop.

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