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Well-designed, perfectly fitting lingerie is a thing to be cherished. That’s why all our lingerie is made to the highest quality. With the right care it’s designed to last and last – which is great for you and also good news for the planet. These simple steps will help you keep your lingerie looking and fitting just the way you like it.

Storing your lingerie properly helps maintain its shape. Store it neatly, somewhere safe and dry – think lingerie drawer rather than on the floor. Wash damp or sweaty lingerie straight away – or hang it up and leave it to air dry, then wash it when you’re ready.
When it comes to washing your lingerie – gently does it. Separate whites, brights and dark colours. Wash new items separately – their colours can easily bleed, especially if they’re dark. Check the care label. Wash padded or underwired bras by hand – to maintain their shape and fit.
Tumble drying can really take its toll on your lingerie, so let mother nature work her magic.

Either hang it out or lay it flat on a towel with the cups facing up to air dry naturally.
Reduce Reuse Recycle
Go easy on the washing and on your detergent use – your lingerie will thank you and so will the planet.
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