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This bra fits your life.

and it comes in only 4 sizes

Discover versatility and perfect fit with our Triumph Design for Life bras

We make the decision easier for you. Find the perfectly fitting bra that gives you the confidence you need in all situations in life. It's shaped by you - and it comes in only 4 sizes. To fully enjoy the absolute perfect fit, firstly, stretch gently the underband 2 to 3 times with your hands to make the bonding even softer. After you have put it on, give it 2 to 3 minutes of warming up to your body temperature, allowing the bonding to respond to your body shape.


Technical fabrics for optimum fit

Every ladies figure is unique. Thanks to 4D-engineering we give every body shape a new feeling of perfection. The Design for Life bra adapts to the life changes of the woman. Learn more in this video.

Triumph Design for Life Bra - Created for the perfect bra fit

Discover our wide range of high-quality bras. Our Smart Fit bras are unique, just like you. Enjoy a perfect bra fit thanks to the latest fabric structure. It offers you bra fitting and flexibility in every situation. Change yourself - The Design for Life bra from Triumph adapts.

Which bra size should I choose now? 1,2,3 or 4?

We make your shopping experience easier and reduce our number of bra sizes. Use our bra size chart to find out which of the four Fit Smart sizes you can fit into. You can also use our bra size finder to help you. Bra sizes can vary depending on the model and fabric. Do not doubt whether you have bought the bra in the right size. Our Design for Life models are just right for every woman.

The Bra Size Guide - How to find your bra size?

You find out the right bra size by measuring your body measurements: 1. Start with the underbust measurement. Put the tape measure directly under your breasts and wrap it around your upper body. 2. Measure your upper chest circumference. Place the tape measure at nipple level. Read the number. This is how you determine the size of the bra cups. 3. Compare your measurements with the bra size chart to find out your bust girth and cup size 4. Take a look at our new bra size system and match your size to the bra size chart. How to find your FIT SMART bra size

How do I find my bra size in the size chart and bra size calculator?

In our size chart we have listed the DE and EU sizes. In addition, the FIT Smart column provides an ideal overview of which bra size you should choose for a Triumph Design for Life bra.

How to find out your bra size?

Fit Smart size 1

Size 1 indicates that your measurements are a bra size between 70A and 70C, 75A and 75D, 80A and 80B. If your bra size falls within this range, then order your new Fit Smart bra in size 1.

Fit Smart size 2

The second category includes the following women's bra sizes: 70D to 70F, 75D and 75F, 80C and 80E. If your size is in one of these ranges, choose the Fit Smart size 2.

Fit Smart size 3

The Fit Smart size 3 includes all the sizes from 85A to 85C, 90A to 90C, 95A and 95B.

Fit Smart size 4

If your bra size is usually 80F or is between 85D and 85F, 90D and 90F and 95C and 95E, then the Fit Smart size 4 is the ideal choice for you.

What is Fit Smart and what do we want to achieve with the size change?

We want every woman to enjoy a perfectly fitting bra. Usually a woman finds it difficult to choose between two or more bra sizes. A bra not only has to look good on a woman, the perfect fit is also important for health. With our new Fit Smart sizes we are specifically addressing the need of the female world not to choose between bra sizes. In this way we give every woman more flexibility with regard to life changes, because if the breast circumference or breast volume changes, the Design for you bra still fits.

Which bra fits me and my body shape?

Different bra models are designed for different body shapes. Larger bra sizes offer more stability to protect women from possible pain and give the figure a perfect curve. The bra must not be constricting. Smaller bra sizes should give women more volume and proportions. Narrow underwires or bras without underwires provide the most comfort. The new Triumph Design for Life bras offer women a perfect fit in all sizes. Each model is available in small and large sizes. So we have created a bra for every woman and body shape. In addition, our simplification of the sizes offers more freedom and flexibility. Thanks to the latest innovation, you can feel comfortable with your bra, no matter what is coming up. The Smart Fit bra adapts to all changes.

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